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Himalayan Trekking FAQ

We're so excited to see that you are going on a Himalayan Trek with us. To help you understand your trek better, here are a few frequently asked questions about Himalayan trekking that every trekker should know.

Lots of people generally have a lots of questions about their Himalayan treks and find it hard to get the answers fast. That's why we're written these Himalayan trekking frequently asked questions to help you make a decision faster about your trek.

And always remember, we're here to help anytime. Please call us on +91 7447440066 to get the answers to your questions!

When is the best time to go to for a Himalayan trek?

Most Himalayan treks are ideal to be visited in June- January time but please check the trek dates for specific information.

How difficult are the Himalayan treks?

Most treks are of easy to moderate difficulty. Any individual with average fitness can join the trek.

How cold does it get on the Himalayan treks?

On most treks, you won't find snow all the time. The temperature will be between 10 to -8 degrees on average. Spots near the base camp have good sunlight and higher temperatures. As you go near the mountaintops, the temperatures drop drastically.

How long do we walk each day on the trek?

Around 4-8 kms of walking will be every day which lasts about 5-6 hours. As most treks aren't difficult, so walking won't be a problem.

Is Diamox advisable?

No. But if you're seriously considering it, please consult your doctors. There are a lot of myths about Diamox.

Who will lead the Himalayan treks and who all will go along with us?

A trekking professional with at least 5 years of experience will be leading your Himalayan trek. They will also be knowledgable about first aid on the mountains. Along with them, one local guide, cook, helper, porter and other staff will also accompany you.

How big are the trekking groups?

We normally have a batch of 15-20 people on most of our Himalayan treks. At least 6 bookings are necessary for any trek batch to depart. If you have customised your trek with us, then group size can be any as you choose.

I am the only girl on the trek, is it safe?

100%. We take the security of all our trekkers, especially women and children very seriously. All our staff are very honest and reliable. However, we expect you to follow our security instructions like not going alone anywhere at night, taking care of your personal belongings yourself, etc.

What things should I carry for my Himalayan trek?

Once you've made the booking on Heaven Adventure, our team will send you the trek essentials list according to your trek.

I can’t carry my bag, can anyone carry it for me?

Yes. But please inform the same to us 7 days in advance. So that we will arrange a porter or mule accordingly.

Which type of shoes should I buy for the trekking?

Good trekking shoes are absolutely essential for a pleasant experience. Please ask the shopkeeper about trekking shoes while buying and it's recommended to call us to ask about the same.

How many trekkers are there in one tent while camping?

We have 'three men tents' but two people will be accommodating one tent during camping on your Himalayan trek.

What level of fitness is expected from the participants?

To enjoy any Himalayan trek, we advise good fitness level with the ability to walk up to 8 hours a day and lift weights of up to 15 kg. With the right preparation, anyone can join the treks!

What type of food will be served during a Himalayan trek?

We generally serve Indian vegetarian food and eggs (separately cooked) on our Himalayan treks. However, you may also experience some local delicacies!

How to get safe drinking water on the trek?

Himalayan water is considered to be clean to drink. But we do not recommend you to just fill you water bottles at any water source. Please ask your trek leader about the same. We generally use only boiled water for drinking.

What type of ground transportation is used on your Himalayan treks?

We have cars like Bolero, Max or similar to those.

Will a doctor be with us on the treks?

No, but our trek leaders are trained in first aid on the mountains. Also, being aware of the high attitude problems, we carry a first aid kit and essential medicines with us. Please make sure you are medically fit for the trek or take professional advice if you feel you are unable to judge yourself.

Do you think I should bring some medicines with me?

Yes, it is always recommended to carry your own medications whether the trek organisers are carrying them or not.

How do I book a trek with you?

After choosing the Himalayan trek you wish to go on, please make the payment on the Heaven Adventure website to book your seat. Your booking will then be confirmed in 48 hours and you'll also get a call from our team.

Can we change the itinerary of our Himalayan trek?

Sorry, but the standard itinerary of our Himalayan treks will be the same for everyone participating. There may be certain changes, due to the conditions out of our control, but those will be improvisations and not especially done for you. But don't worry, you can customise the trek itself for your group by contacting us. A special pricing will be applicable for that.

Can you customise a Himalayan trek for my group?

Yes, if you would like to travel independently, you can choose any of our treks at your convenient time frame for any number of people. Cost for the private Himalayan treks is fixed on the basis of group size, trek area, duration and trek style.

What is the minimum age to join this trek ?

Minimum age requirement is of 8 years, and maximum depends on trekker's fitness. However, we do not actively recommend trekking for individuals beyond 70 years of age.

Should I book my travel plan to the trek location after booking the trek with you?

Yes. But please wait 48 hours after you've booked the trek on the website. Our team call you for your booking confirmation and will also help you arrange a travel plan to the trek location.

What fitness regime should a trekker follow for Himalayan trek's preparation?

It will depend on your lifestyle. But we recommend a walking practice of 5-6 hours a day for 1-2 days a week prior to coming on the trek. This practice should be carried for 3-4 weeks. Along with that, weight training in the gym for 2-3 times a week is also ideal.

I am a solo female trekker. Do I need to share my tent with other male members?

No. Female trekkers need to share the tent with female co-trekkers only. Same is the case for male trekkers.

For more questions, please call us on +91 744 744 00 66.

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